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Ric Battin

Graphic Designer


• Print Collateral:


• Packaging


• Apparel:


• Illustration


• Exhibition Stand Design

• Digital Banners

• Email Design

• Web Assets


• Animation/Motion Design


• Video Editing


• Sound Tracks

• Web Maintenance


• Blender 3D (Basic)


Who Am I?

Who knows? I never like to try and define myself because I don’t ever see myself as a finished product, personally or professionally. I am always open to learn new things or see alternative perspectives to try and grow and understand as I move along in life.


I am a self professed weirdo, I don’t see things orthodoxly, this allows me to think of angles others might not, as well as contributing to my sense of humour!

In terms of my skill set, again, this is always in a state of constant evolution. I have a strong base in print and digital design that I’ve built on over the last 5 years but I just see that as the foundations of what I need. I will always throw myself into any new software or techniques that will help further the work of myself and my employer. I’ve been working more recently in 3D design and NFT’s for my current role trying to utilise Blender and AR to fit the companies needs to create unique experiences 

for it’s customers.


If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t profess to know it all, but will never stop trying to, I am that candidate. I believe I can be a huge asset to your business in terms of 4th wall thinking and advancing the way we can create!

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